Who We Are
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Who We Are



RecEng is an Engineering Company founded in 2016 to support Secondary Aluminum Companies in their growth, promote the use of aluminium scraps, residues and wastes, as a raw material, for billets and slabs production in Companies havingprofiles and rolled products as core business, but also export these experiences to other fields having sustainable development and circular economy as their main focus. 

RecEng experience in resources recovery and enhancement has its roots in the world of metal recycling and secondary aluminum production from scraps and wastes, over 25 years dedicated to the development of the best scrap treatment and decoating technologies, to melting, refining and casting of quality aluminum alloys, to the creation of an integrated process for turning aluminum scrap residues and wastes into new raw material for the automotive, transport, household appliances and other structural applications sectors. All this within the management of an Aluminum Refinery and Foundry business that over time has more than quintupled its size focusing on full environmental compatibility. 

The Italian global excellence in the agri-food sector has also pushed us towards the Food Waste Recycling and Green Energy supply chain. 

In 2019, starts the collaboration with  MAVITEC: a leading company in the construction of plants for animal rendering and Green Energy. This combination of skills and experiences has created a proposal focused, more than on machines and technologies, on effective and efficient solutions supply. 

Environmental sustainability and compatibility are a "mantra" for RecEng.

In this context, since 2019 we have been offering solutions for gaseous effluent treatment and water treatment with companies able to offer cutting-edge technologies and Taylor made solutions.

E4 engineering, a Sassuolo company, supports us in the air filtration needs in all industrial sectors.