Size Reduction of Agricoltural co-products
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Size Reduction of Agricoltural co-products



In the agricoltural and food sector we find the need to grind residues such as sugar beet tips, carrot tips, potatoes, salads etc., to reduce their volume, as fertilizer or for use in biogas plants.

These agricultural by-products have a high yield in anaerobic digestion plants and therefore can be used to feed a biogas plant.

To keep the retention time as low as possible and to consequently have a faster return on the investment of the biogas plant, the by-products must be cut into smaller pieces, easier to digest. This mechanical treatment has the same effect as a cow grinding its food. The goal is to maximize the conversion from by-products to biogas.

The solution proposed by RecEng with MAVITEC is the Martinater Mod. 500 or Martinater Mod. 700.


The system consists of an screw conveyor that regulates the entry into the loading mouth of the Martinater.

The Martinater is a hammer mill that reduces the loaded material into different pieces by means of the type of grid which can be quickly replaced according to the needs and the type of product to be obtained.

The shredded product, leaving the mill, can be transported through a screw in the container or storage box, or it can be transferred via a T-Pump directly to a silo or a biogas plant,

ready for the anaerobic digestion process.


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