Kerbside waste
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Kerbside waste



The organic section waste collection, contain biological by-products deriving from domestic organic waste, commercial organic waste, returns from shops, supermarkets and leftovers from restaurants, often packed in plastic bags or other.

Biological by-products are highly digestible in anaerobic processes, therefore ideal for biogas installations. Before anearobic digestion can take place, however, it is necessary to remove the plastic, metal, cardboard or other foreign materials present inside the kerbside waste.

If these inorganics are not removed before entering the biogas plant, problems may occur during the entire process. Problems such as floating layers that hinder fermentation or heavy fractions due to clogging, wear of the pumps / pipes, etc. In addition, the inorganics, not being digested, prevent the reuse of digestate as a soil conditioner in agriculture.


To avoid this problem, RecEng with MAVITEC offers a complete solution for achieving the above result:

Kerbside waste recovery with Mavitec Green Energy systems.

The Kerbside waste is collected from the boxes and are collected in a hopper and conveyed, by means of a screw system to the Paddle Depacker which, with its rotating shaft, separetes products from foreign materials.


The cleaned organic material will be collected under the Paddle Depacker together with any residuals coming from the optional steps (see below)

and will be pumped into a storage tank or tanker truck, ready for use in a biogas plant.

We guarantee the cleanliness of the organic from the inorganic > 99.5%.


The material separated from the pulp leaves the Paddle Depacker through a conveyor and it is placed in a container or box, ready to be disposed.


  1. In order to reduce the weight of the disposal, a dewatering press can be provided
  2. If you intend to enhance the packaging, a washing drum can also remove the organic residue still present

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